Bradley J. Stuckel is an award-winning Director of Photography in the film and television industry.  He has always had a love for cinema and story! He started off with a career in computer graphics and animation which eventually sparked his interest in the direction of motion picture film acquisition. In 2010 he decided to attend film school where he earned a CSC nomination for his first shot short film Graveyard Shift.  He has since then lensed numerous projects in Canada, USA and further abroad.

Bradley believes that true creativity is derived from inspiration by better knowing and understanding the world around you. His deepest motivations in pursuing film have always been focused on collaborating with like minded filmmakers to express and share a message.  His creative abilities have proven to be both resourceful and effective in telling story. Through the use of lighting & shadows, colour & tone, and space & movement he aims to employ his techniques to create an emotionally charged visual stage to place the art within a story.

Bradley currently resides in Vancouver.  (Commercial, Dramatic Film, Music Video and Documentary)

JL-50 - Director: Shailinder Vyas - Prod: Vision 20 Productions
In Plainview - Director: Matt Watterworth - Prod: Full Swing Productions

Still / Born - Director: Brandon Christenson - Prod: Digital Interference Productions & Hadron Films
In Control - Director: Kurtis David Harder - Prod: Umbrella Collective
Palki - Director: Shailinder Vyas - Prod: Vision 10 Productions
Empyrean - Director: Thomas Robert Lee - Prod: Transcendence Fims