Dark times in Purgatory - Tasha


When Director Ryley Burghall and I first met to discuss shooting Tasha (starring Braleigh James) he told me he wanted it dark and cold feeling.  To achieve the desired look we decided to shoot everything at magic/blue hour... all in a time window of about an hour.  This was my first time working with Ryley, and I must say that I greatly admire/respect his audacity to follow through and take a risk towards achieving what he had always envisioned.  Rehearse... rehearse.... shoot, shoot, shoot!  We had a great team to back us and we pulled it off without a hitch!

This teaser for Tasha was Created by Greg Jeffs and Produced by Neil Fleming as part of an application process for the IPF (Independent Production Fund).

Check out the teaser at the link below & please comment, post, share... and help us bring this web series to life!


Gotta love Cali - Trace Live Network


I have been working together with Trace Live Network to show case their new autonomous drone system.  What better place to show off some extreme sports action than Hollywood and the hills of California.  Hollywood Rentals blew my mind!

As an added bonus, got to hang out with the legendary Dean Cundey ASC (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park) for evening followed by an afternoon tour of the ASC club house.  Couldn't ask for more!  Need to get to Cali!

Enjoy a fresh BEER! - Aleberta


Aleberta is a documentary project that chronicles the history of Alberta beer.  This has been a long awaiting passion project for Writer/Director Spencer Estabrooks.  Spencer is serious about his beer, and even more serious about sharing this story with beer enthusiasts across Alberta.

Working with Spencer was truly a blast.  He is a Director that enjoys his days on set and really sets the mood for a good days work... and less we forget, ending the day with a smooth tasty beer fresh from the fermenter to finish it all off. 

American Indie Science Fiction - In Control


Working with Director Kurt Harder was a real pleasure.  We had a tight shooting schedule but pushed forward to cover the scenes we needed, plus got some great additional coverage.  This is a roughly 90 minute film that is chock full of content that has to keep up with a continuously progressive pace... it will keep you entertained.

Great crew & great cast... lots of fun!  I look forward to seeing what other opportunities Kurt has in the future and would gladly take part on any of his next pictures.

No Song & Dance - Palki


Palki is a tragic story of Balbir Singh, a Punjabi village farmer and his struggles and learnings through the suffering of his daughter.

What a blast India was.  One of the best filming experiences I have had to date.  Although the heat reached temperatures  as high as 49 degrees celsius, the Arri Alexa XT managed to take it like a champ!  One of the best things about the film industry in India is that they love their Arri products.  To compliment shooting Open Gate ArriRaw 3.4k, we kitted out with Arri Master Prime lenses and some ArriMax 18k lighting.

I would go back any time!

Shooting Monochrome - Empyrean


In 2014 Director Thomas Robert Lee and myself embarked on a journey to bring his 4 year project together.  Over the past year and a half Empyrean has been making its way through post-production and we are now ready to share what we have created.

When Thomas and I first sat down he told me that he wanted to exhibit the film in black & white.  I gladly accepted the challenge and got my hands on the first production model or Red Digital Cinemas new RED Dragon Monochrome camera.  The camera is a true monochrome camera which opened up new possibilities offering optimum resolution, extended dynamic range and great light sensitivity.

Short Film Festival Run - Anxiety #5


Director Jesse Foster and I worked together to tell a story about man who's fate is sealed in a Brooklyn tenant housing bathroom.  The story was adapted from the poem written by Robin Robertson.

Using the RED Epic & Arri/Zeiss Master Prime lenses we captured a gritty cold environment with a muted palette that really set the stage for the action.

Anxiety #5 has been selected to screen in 18 festivals and counting!   I look forward to working together on our next project. 

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